I was a teacher for 9 years, teaching at an inner city school.  I enjoyed working with the students and making a difference in their lives, but to be honest, I loved having an excuse to dress up even more!  I would show up to work in professional, stylish clothing, using the hallway as my runway to showcase newly put together outfits.  One particularly cold day in January, I was called into the principal’s office unexpectedly.  I was worried, unable to think of anything that would cause a visit to the big boss.  As soon as I walked into her office, she mentioned something to me about my outfit and how I wouldn’t be allowed to wear it to school ever again.  I had worn a knee length sweater dress that day, with leggings, riding boots, and a scarf.  It was a very conservative outfit, so surely she was playing a joke on me, or perhaps I heard her incorrectly?  Well that wasn’t the case — apparently, I had somehow “offended” another teacher.  My principal informed me that if I ever wore that outfit, or one similar, to school again, I would be sent home.

It was at that moment that I realized I was in the wrong profession!

I left school that day disappointed.  Questions like what could I do to help women feel confident with what they wear, and how could I make a difference in the world of fashion were running through my mind.   That’s when I decided that I had to open a boutique; one that would empower women of all ages, sizes, and professions; one that would provide quality clothing at reasonable prices and encourage uniqueness and self-confidence.  Thus, Mia Mae Boutique was born!  Named after my little fashionista Chihuahua mix rescue pup, Mia Mae Boutique strives to provide our customers with a pleasant shopping experience; one that will make everyone feel like a million bucks!

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